Why choose Living Space?

  • Constructed from only premium grade UK sourced timber.

  • Supplying an environmentally friendly approach to timber structures.

  • Sustainably sourced from UK timber mills.

  • High quality, affordable, outdoor buildings.


Living Space are a specialist company that construct bespoke, high quality outdoor buildings. We mainly specialise in timber frame construction but we also work with metal frames and metal cladding.

Living Space has developed from the superb success of Living Landscapes which continues to be successful after 24 years and at the forefront of the landscaping industry. Construction contractors for Gardens at RHS Chelsea and RHS Hampton Court flower shows they have won many gold medals and the coveted Best in Show and Best in Construction.

Living Space skilfully create bespoke, outdoor, timber framed buildings. Constructed from only premium grade UK sourced timber, our insulated structures create an environment for relaxation, work or simply an extra room, that can be used in all seasons, in any weather.


Working with leading garden designers and landscape architects we were often asked to construct outdoor buildings as part if the larger garden schemes we were building. It became clear of the need for high quality, affordable, outdoor buildings, that could be constructed to any shape or size, to suit specific requirements.

I have noted over the years a growing interest in making more use of garden spaces, creating areas where one can relax and enjoy the outdoor environment with family or friends… or both!

Having been asked on many occasions to supply outdoor buildings for these spaces it was clear that the quality of the available buildings wasn’t good enough for the standard of gardens we constructed. Poorly constructed, poor quality timber, not insulated and poor roofs meant buildings would not have the longevity required.

We decided to develop a construction technique that meant the standards of the quality we offer, the longevity the client wants and the aesthetic that suited the outdoor setting. Please look at our data sheet specifying the construction techniques and materials we use.

Prior to creating as successful Landscaping Business I served for 7 years in the Royal Engineers. Joining the army offered me wonderful opportunities, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It also taught me life skills and work skills which have proved invaluable to me today. Hard work, commitment, dedication, professionalism as well as team management skills, people skills and motivational skills have meant that I can create a working environment where goals are achieved and the highest of standards are met, evoking trust, which gives our clients peace of mind. I am very thankful to the Army for this.

Tecwyn Evans

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We have worked with Tecwyn and Living Landscapes on several projects and have no hesitation in recommending him. From our most complex historic sites to an access restricted London garden, Tecwyn is versatile and reliable; a safe pair of hands to deliver an excellent job.

Above all else we value Tecwyn’s integrity and thoroughness, and his ability to problem solve in advance whilst keeping a project running smoothly. His military background mean he has excellent communication and logistics skills, which are a perfect complement to an eye for detail and an ability to work well with people with very high standards.

We also value Tecwyn’s commitment to work with young people to introduce them to landscape and mentor them in the workplace, sometimes when they have had no previous role models in life. Seeing them flourish is a joy.

As a studio we appreciate Tecwyn understanding and working with our approach to sustainable design, from reusing materials on site, to sourcing reclaimed and low footprint materials, to treading very lightly around existing planting and ecosystems. He and his team have become an important part of our wider team.

Marian Boswall

Latest Spaces

If located and designed correctly these buildings do not require planning permission so rather than investing a lot of time and energy into an extension or loft conversion why not look at our buildings and see if what we offer can give you an alternative.

If not we offer a bespoke construction to meet all your needs and requirements.

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Art and Design Studio

Project Details Inspired by our work, Rae Wilkinson Garden Design asked if we could create a contemporary work studio for her to develop her garden designs and a space for her creative art. Again using the large fixed pane windows we can create an open wall for light and inspirational views.

Evening Space

Project Details Jilayne Rickards, SGD, contacted us with a bespoke request to create an arbour based upon a photograph supplied by the client. Once dimensions were confirmed it was relatively simple to use the photo as guidance and create a perfect copy.

Office Workspace

Project Details This is one of our standard units, on display at Chilstone in Tonbridge Wells, Kent. This is the office unit, though it can get used for many other purposes. The main opening isn’t as wide, giving more wall space for desk locations or drawing boards. The large fixed window allows for ample natural...

Yoga Studio

Project Details Marian Boswall Landscape Architects asked us to construct one of our timber units to be used as a yoga studio and garden retreat. We installed the widest bifold doers to create that open, unrestricted view onto the garden. This unit is clad in English Cedar, with a birch ply interior. It also has...

Inspired Outdoor Structure

Project Details Tasked with creating an outdoor living area as part of a much larger garden construction we created this outdoor living room. The louvred, contemporary pergola is constructed from English Cedar, as is the seating set up. Here the end units of the seats can be relocated to create tables, or sit at the...

Bespoke Furniture

Project Details The slice bench. A concept created and designed by Rae Wilkinson Garden Design. This bench made from Duglass Fir is designed to sit as a single bench unit or be separated into 3 stools. This is part of our furniture range and was launched at RHS Chelsea Flower show 2018.

Relaxation Pod

Project Details The second unit of this large garden installation, complimenting the bar and outdoor kitchen, this unit offered the ability to rest and relax should the weather change, without losing the view onto the planting. To compliment the metal construction of this unit industrial flooring was used. This unit is lined in birch ply.

Outdoor Bar

Project Details One of our bespoke metal units. This unit was installed with another as part of a much larger garden project. The tropical theme for this area is displayed within the planting, which meant our unit needed a jungle bar feel. Open sided to allow for serving access the unit was fitted with a...


At the heart of Living Space is a core value of supplying excellence and an environmentally friendly approach to their timber structures. We source all our timber from UK timber mills, ensuring the timber is sustainable and correctly sourced. Our supply chain can confirm the origin of our timber, how it was felled, why it was felled and which timber mill cut the wood for use.

We do not believe in using imported Hardwoods and Softwoods from Asia, South America or Canada to name a few. Nor do we support the environmental impact the transportation of these timbers have upon our world. In todays climate it is critical that we all take responsibility for the impact we have upon our surrounding environments, our country and our planet.

Our chosen construction meant we were able to offer excellent structural framework, which created the space for rigid board insulation. This possibility allowed us to develop our timber framed buildings into insulated, plastered and painted living spaces, that would meet the building regulations requirements for a timber framed house that you could live in, all for an affordable cost.

We chose to use only native tree species, which we source from a timber mill in west sussex. We can tell you where your timber has come from for each building we supply! Our roofing is a cold pour, or GRP roof, fully waterproof. It also means that all our units supplied are flat roofs, keeping their visual impact to a minimum, for you and your neighbours.

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Constructed from only premium grade UK sourced timber.

Supplying an environmentally friendly approach to timber structures.

Sustainably sourced from UK timber mills.

High quality, affordable, outdoor buildings.