This is the first blog for my new business venture – Living Space. I’m not known for my great skills at writing, that’s why I’ve been involved in Landscape construction all my life! I’ve written my quotes and reports but writing something personnel about a new business is a first.

Living Space as created from the successful and multi award winning landscaping business Living Landscapes. Based in West Sussex and covering the south east of England Living Landscapes has been involved in many large domestic landscape construction projects and award winning show gardens at RHS Chelsea and RHS Hampton Court Flower Shows.

Working alongside Landscape Architects and Garden Designers we have gained experience in many aspects of landscape construction, developing techniques and skills, introducing new products into Landscape Construction and investing my time in helping to promote the industry.

One of the many aspects of Landscape Construction we are always involved in is the use of Timber within the garden. Timber is a very versatile product and when the correct timber is used can withstand quite extreme conditions. Amongst others fencing and decking are two main areas where timber can be used. Unfortunately it became apparent to me that the quality of timber products supplied from high street suppliers were poor.
Suppliers trying to be cost effective have a juggling act between the cost for sourcing and supplying their product against the price they can sell their product at to be competitive in a very competitive market. One of the ways of brining down the cost of wood products is to source a cheaper wood, or find a supply from another country that can source and supply the wood cheaper than a more local company. Whichever it is it’s the consumer that loses out believing they are sourcing a product that will last they invariably find them selves wondering why the product has deteriorated so quickly.

Another point to make here is the sourcing of “the more cost effective product” does have a possible environmental impact. If timber is sourced and products manufactured overseas, even if it’s the other side of the channel there is an environmental impact upon the local environment with logging and the transportation of the products to the UK. Yes timber sourced from sustainable sources is a way of covering one of these points however mass timber supply like this is limited to fast growing trees, which limits the type of wood available for product use. This timber lacks longevity so within a few years the supply demand process starts again and the cycle of spending money and damaging the environment starts all over again.

I have many blogs to create coming out of these last few paragraphs to raise this in more detail. Its really these concerns that started me on a path of sourcing our timber more locally and asking the questions; where has this tree come from? How was it felled and for what reason? Can this available timber be used in the construction I am about to undertake?

By asking these questions I was demonstrating my beliefs that we should all be making a stand to protect our local and global environments. Its up to me as a contractor to advise architects, designers and clients what the possibilities are with timber, what types of timber are available, the longevity of the timber available and how that timber has been sourced, where has it come from and what was its environmental impact to get to the stage of being in the workshop or on site ready to be installed.

I stopped sourcing from high street suppliers a long time ago and I have found that offering the timber we have available in the uk I can supply and install a better product that is attractive, unique and supports the values we should all be engaging with; Our World that We All Live In!
It’s the success of approaching the supply of timber in this way within my landscaping business that has created the wonderful opportunity for my new business to be launched:- Living Space Ltd

Living Space offers timber construction for the landscape sector and specialises in the creation of high quality timber framed buildings, which can be used throughout the year, whatever the weather conditions. An office, fitness studio, games room or a quite meditative space our buildings are created to fit within the garden environment. ALL our wood is uk sourced, from our local mill in West Sussex. Subject to the types of wood they have available at the time we will advise on what the frame will be constructed from. The sheet material is made by a uk company using recycled uk wood. Our external cladding is usually English Cedar or English Oak, though other timber is available to create the desired look of the building. Our aluminium doors ad windows are sourced from a uk manufacturer and can be made to any size to suit the buildings requirements. Insulated, Plastered, fitted with a wood floor and with power our timber framed units offer the opportunity to have that additional space, separate from your home, which can be used all year round and with the peace of mind that it has been sourced in the uk with minimal impact upon our local and global environment.

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